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Leather placemats

We don’t have to explain the most important function of a placemat to you. We all know that it is primarily functional to keep your table clean and stain free, but we at Xapron think placemats are a little undervalued. This is because it can very quickly and easily complete your entire seating arrangement. Placemats immediately provide that decorated effect on the table and are an important atmosphere maker during your breakfast, lunch or dinner. A beautifully decorated table invites you to sit down at the table and to continue dining longer.

Since we at Xapron are busy with leather on a daily basis and we are very fond of this, we have designed and produced a leather placemat for retail.

Placemat product information

Just like all our other products, these place mats are made by hand in the Netherlands to allow us to guarantee 100% top quality that we fully support. The place mats have a thickness of 2 mm (0.07 inches), rounded corners, and a size of 43 x 40 cm (16.9 x 15.7 inches). A set consists of 4 leather placemats and is available in 3 different versions and more than 4 different colors, Crocodile print, Kansas universal, and Buffalo leather.

Why a leather placemat?

Leather is a durable natural product perfect for daily and intensive use. The leather placemats are hand cut from extra-oiled full-grain buffalo leather. This allows the placemats to take a beating and you don’t have to worry about liquids that would get into the leather. The leather is water-repellent and maintenance-free. If you do get a stain then you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Be careful though. You should never clean stubborn stains in leather with corrosive agents such as gasoline or acetone.

Due to the weight and structure of the leather, the placemat attaches easily to various surfaces, and there are no hassles with sliding placemats to the other side of the table.

Expand your collection!

We at Xapron love beautiful products that reflect the love and passion for craftsmanship. In addition to our leather placemats, we have more products to complete your seating arrangement. How about matching leather coasters or a sturdy knife roll bag.

Order & Delivery time

Order before 16.00 (4 PM)?
If the item is in stock, we will ship your order the same day!

Ordering during the weekend?
Then we immediately dive into the warehouse on Monday morning, to pack your order and send it the same day. 

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