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Personalize your leather apron with your name

By choosing your favorite leather quality, the color, and any accessories, your leather apron is already quite unique. Do you want to take that extra step now and choose a leather apron with a name? This way you are assured that nobody else is walking around in exactly the same creation as you, although we cannot guarantee that if your name is Jan, Niels or BBQ master ;)

We can make a leather BBQ apron with a name in 3 different ways which we explain below with accompanying photos and prices.

1. Have your name stamped on a label

With stamp tools we stamp your name on a leather label on your apron. We place this label on the leather apron under the Xapron label. Enter the name or text that you would like to see on your apron in the entry field. Pay attention to spelling! Because our aprons are made by craftsmen by hand, we can stamp names or words up to 8 characters long.

Price € 5,-

2. Engrave your own logo or design on a large label

Do you want a leather BBQ apron with a name with more than 8 characters? You can choose to go for a larger leather label. This label has a size of 7 cm (about 2 ½ inches) x 5 cm (about 2 inches). You now have the option to upload your own logo or design. We place this label including your logo under the Xapron label on your leather apron.

Price € 10,-

3. Direct laser engraving

As a third option you can choose to wear your apron with the name laser engraved.  The advantage of this option is that you are not bound by the maximum number of 8 characters, and you can provide your own logo or design. The difference with this option is that we laser the design directly on the apron and do not use a leather label. This gives a different effect than the above personalization options. Please note, we cannot use this option on the Florida model due to the leather type.

Price € 15,-


We do our best to send your apron as quickly as possible. When ordering a personalized apron with laser engraving, we first have to make the design manually on the computer. Please allow 2 to 5 extra working days for delivery.


Pay attention! It is not possible to return a personalized leather apron. The chance that we find someone with the same name or initials is of course very low ;)

Questions and advice

If you can’t figure it out or would like some advice, please call or email us! We can collaborate together for the best solution.

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