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Cool BBQ apron for men

The current trend is a barbecue apron for men. It immediately gives you the appearance of an experienced pit master, whether you have the BBQ skills or not. Leather aprons are so popular because the tough, rugged look that it gives is matched with its practical side. Leather is extremely durable and wear-resistant. Protect your clothing, and especially yourself against any the heat, fat splashes and burns.

Choose the perfect barbecue apron for men

Rough, tough, chic or refined? The BBQ apron for men is available in 7 different leathers and more than 21 different colors. Choose a natural color such as brown, gray, and cognac or go for a color such as black or blue. Do you want an apron with a vintage look or do you prefer a crocodile print? Every apron has its own look & feel so choose the BBQ apron with the look that suits you!

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A leather apron from Xapron is a gift itself! But your own name on an apron, of course, makes it even more personal. Cool for yourself, but certainly nice to give a leather BBQ apron with name to someone else as a gift. Are you going for “BBQ King”, a special date or simply your first name? Let us know and we will arrange it!

Customize your apron

Your leather Xapron apron is always equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple buckle closure and a handy tea towel loop. Customize your barbecue apron for men with various accessories. Go for a leather BBQ apron with a name, or choose an extra pocket to temporarily store your spatulas, herbs or other supplies during cooking or grilling. Keep your hands free, but keep your beer close by with a bottle holster or go for a metal ring to hang your keys on.

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Sizes aprons men

Our aprons are available in 3 lengths. The base length is 82 cm (about 32 inches) and a width of 60 cm (almost 24 inches). For smaller people we have the 74 cm (about 29 inches) and a width of 60 cm (almost 24 inches). The XL version has a length of 89 cm (about 35 inches) with a width of 70 cm (over 27 inches).

We measure from the top of the apron (at the height of the breastbone) to above the knee. The width is the width of the leather of the apron. This width does not include your entire body, only the front and part of both sides.

Having trouble finding the right size?

Maybe this overview will help you:

< 1.75 m (5 ½ feet) Size M – 74 (about 29 inches)
1.75 m (5 ½ feet) – 1.90 m (6 feet 2 inches) Size L –  82 ( about 32 inches)
1.85 m (6 feet) – 2.00 m 6 feet 6 inches) Size XL – 89 (about 35 inches)
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